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We now have available Oral Spray treatment for Allergies.  This is a daily spray as an alternative to the ultimately monthly injection.  Advantages?  Well there is no IgE in the mouth so it is almost impossible to see a negative reaction to the treatment.

Improvement will been seen a bit earlier in the treatment than injections, around three months usually.  The spray is very palatable so the dogs in particular see it as a treat, so it is easy to give as a part of the owner/pet relationship.  It requires no induction period so it is simply a daily spray from the beginning.  As with all treatments, it is a life long solution

Spectrum is the worlds largest Veterinary Allergy testing facility using blood serum. Allergen screens are Australian profiles and and selected for relevance here. Samples are sent to to Lab each Friday, and results are emailed to you the following Thursday. We test for 91 Allergens, and include a food protein panel. Vaccines are available, made up on the basis of these results. Check out the Spectrum Website for comprehensive information www.vetallergy.com

We have seen some remarkable results from this and encourage you to contact us and ask for a free trial of the service. The test costs just $295 plus GST, and a full printed report is sent to you to give to your client. It contains not only the results, presented in a clear and useful way, but also 10 pages of information about allergies and what can be done to reduce their impact. Try it today!

Kind regards to you all,

Mick Bates
Mobile 0411 339 334

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